DOB 12/22/12

SARDOC2019 - 1 of 1Certified in Air Scent and Water

Sprite was born somewhere in Kansas.  After being bounced around from Shelter to Shelter, she ended up in an Animal House Shelter in Ft. Collins.  I had lost my older dog about 8 months before I met this little girl of mine. I was actually headed out east of Limon to look at some Malinois/Sheppard cross pups.  My niece called me and said that I needed to check this puppy out and sent a pic of this 11 month old puppy. I did and that was the beginning of a long life together. She never tires of chasing her ball and finding people.  She has filled my heart and is now spoiled rotten.

Jay Rigdon, Handler

West Elk Mountain Rescue