DOB 4/1/18

In Training for Trailing

Odin is a big boy with lots of fur. He’s a 2-year-old Newfoundland- Border Collie mix, who calls Winter Park home. He was rescued, at 9 weeks old, after being abandoned and sent to a shelter. Odin surprises people with his athleticism for his size. This is the Border Collie in him. His methodical way of searching is the Newfoundland half.

Odin loves both Trailing and Air Scent. His focus is Trailing, but he sure does love to find people in the snow, especially buried. We’re hoping to develop that skill after he certifies in Trailing by eventually certifying in Avalanche Search.

Odin loves snuggling and leaning on people. When he finds a subject, he sits on them and waits for a nice massage for his work!

Corrie Jones, Handler

Grand County Search and Rescue