Certified in Air Scent


Annie’s journey to becoming a Certified Airscent dog began when she was 8 weeks old.  It was evident from the start that she loved nothing more than to put her nose to work and find her lost person!  She was very serious and focused when she was working and always ready for a good game of Frisbee when the job was done.

She brought intensity to everything she did and wanted to constantly learn something new.  As she was learning, she also taught about the power of positive training, understanding, patience and trust.

Off the field, always good for a laugh, her sense of humor came shining through as she plunged herself into ponds for a nice swim and lunged off rocks and over fallen trees on our hikes and horseback rides.  Playing “Let’s Round up the Cat in the Living Room” is another one of her favorite pastimes.

Sabine Johnson, Handler

Park County Search and Rescue