Schwar and Sandy


Certified in Air Scent and Avalanche


Schwar means “the people”.  He worked with Routt County SAR and Search and Rescue dogs of Colorado from 1996 through 2006.  The best part of our working career was the relationship that grew between us over the thousands of miles that we covered together.  Schwar was a Border Collie- German Shepherd mix who was given to me by a friend.  He was highly motivated to please from the day that we met until the day that I buried him.  He cleared countless search areas and was credited with several “finds” during his career.  Grieving family members and worried friends were always encouraged when the dog teams showed up on scene, not only for the hope that the dogs brought to the search, but for their furry happy confidence and love.  He was a tireless worker, my constant companion, a teacher (especially to me), a constant presence in my Art classroom, my shadow, and closer to my soul than any other being has ever been.  I always tell people that it is impossible to work so closely with someone, as we do with our search dogs, and not end up with one melded brain.  He was my eyes, ears, and nose.  A hike or a walk through the woods will never be the same and my life is forever changed for having the joy of working side by side with Schwar.


Sandy Phillips (Graves), Handler

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