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Certified in Air Scent

Hawk is a 4 year old Czech Shepherd certified in Wilderness Air Scent. He also holds a Human Remains Detection certification with a second SAR dog organization. Hawk is very much a puppy still, but when he is working, he is all business! Being “out of service” for 5 months with a shoulder injury was the hardest thing he has ever had to do! Hawk has discovered how much he loves boats and helicopters, although he still hasn’t had the opportunity to fly. He continues to improve his search skills, most recently, learning to search a lake from a boat and getting to work with the team at the Forensic Investigation Research Station at Colorado Mesa University. Hawk likes to choose what reward he will get at the beginning of every training day; frisbee? Nero ball? Chuck-it ball? What will he pick next? His favorite toys to play with at home are rubber duckies.SARDOC2019 - 1 of 2

Melissa Kindt, Handler

Larimer County SAR