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Windy Peaks Outdoor Lab

For the second decade, SARDOC handlers enjoyed working with the amazing kids at the Windy Peaks Outdoor Lab near Wellington Lake.  Handlers gave chats about how the dogs work and then teams hit the field, working several search problems.  Many thanks to Windy Peaks for inviting us again!DSC04505

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Lovely Finya 2008-2018

IMG_1007SARDOC is so sad to lose Finya, a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog certified in Air Scent.  Finya spent many years as the dedicated and comical partner of Ina Bernard.  The team fielded with SARDOC and Pueblo ESB.  Finya was 10 years old and loved working on the water and with HRD as well as running through the woods working on airscent missions.

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Honoring Our Military K9 Heroes

Please click on photo to enlarge.
America's Military K9 Heroes

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SARDOC Welcomes New Members!

SARDOC is very happy to welcome the following new members!

Wendy Nicastle and Max with Larimer County SAR-Wendy is a dietician.

Teresa Verplanck and Lilo with Park County SAR-Teresa is self-employed.

Robert Lovelace and Bailey with Park County SAR-Bob is a Paramedic Captain with Littleton Fire Rescue.

Jennifer Valencia and Atticus-Jennifer is a Birth Worker in Colorado Springs.

Reese Irwin-Reese is the Training Officer for the Colorado State University-Pueblo SAR Team.  He has been actively involved in SAR operations for five years. Reese is originally from Cody, Wyoming and began working with search and recovery dogs through Northwest K-9 Search and Recovery. He moved to Pueblo, CO in August of 2013, and started helping with the southern region of SARDOC shortly after that time. He has been hiding for dogs for 20 years and intends to begin training his first dog – hopefully a Bloodhound – this upcoming summer.

Please see their dog pages for more information!


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Welcome Eden!


IMG_8454SARDOC is very happy to welcome into our SARDOC Training Ranks Eaglewind’s Peppermint Patty.  Also know as Eden!  Eden is a Flat Coated Retriever and will be beginning trailing very soon.

Eden was born on 12/15/17, and will be the new K9 partner of handler, Linda Gruver.  This team works with Larimer County Search and Rescue.

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Romy 2005-2018

Weekend 0410 Buff Creek - 03669Longtime member Gayle Humm recently lost her K9 SAR partner Romy.  Romy, an enthusiastic little black lab, was certified in Air Scent.  Romy was Gayle’s fourth SAR dog with SARDOC.  They fielded with El Paso County SAR and Teller County SAR.SARDOC2018 - 4

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Last Import - 5SARDOC is very sorry to lose Annie, a wonderful German Shepherd, partner to Sabine Johnson.  The team retired from SAR a year ago.  Annie was certified in Air Scent.

Annie had many wonderful searches, and SAR was a very important part of her life.  She was always very professional, and had great love for her friends.

Last Import - 4

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2018 Colorado Sheriffs’ Conference

 SARDOC2018 - 3SARDOC enjoyed spending two days at the annual Colorado Sheriffs’ conference, meeting lots of new people and catching up with old friends.  This is one of our favorite events to help launch the new year!  Thanks to the County Sheriffs of Colorado for hosting!

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Thank you GE Foundation!

SARDOC would like to thank the GE Foundation for its generous grant in support of our newly created Susan and Dennis Veterinary fund!  It is through the kindness of an anonymous family who chose to gift SARDOC with an orignal amount with which we could set up this account.  The family submitted a request for matching funds to the GE Foundation, which accepted the request.  Wow!

The Fund will help SARDOC handlers struggling with veterinary bills for their veteran certified search and rescue dogs.  Dogs who have spent their lives searching for missing people to help return them to their homes and bring closure to their families.  These funds offer much welcome help for our hard-working canine partners!

We will strive to grow this fund so it can continue to help teams in future years.  Donations in support of this fund are so very appreciated and can be made by check, or though the PayPal button on our website.  If you would like to donate, please specify that the donation is for the SARDOC Susan and Dennis Veterinary Fund.

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Welcome to another In-County Certified Team!

SARDOC2017 - 94SARDOC is proud to announce the In-County certification of Paula Bindrich and Tuuli in Air Scent.  They passed their In-County certification test yesterday, 12/21, in chilly weather near Divide.

Paula and Tuuli will field with Alpine Rescue Team.


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