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Kind Donation

SARDOC would like to express our appreciation for the generous gift from the attendees of Scott Blundell’s recent memorial service.  His family very kindly asked folks to donate to our group in memory of Scott.  We are very honored.  We will use this gift to improve our trainings and skills so we can continue to help those in need.

Please click on this link to read about Scott’s life.



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Rockin’ SARDOC Training Weekend at Grand Mesa

SARDOCWesternSlopeWeekend2016 - 07SARDOC Teams enjoyed a weekend training and get together at Grand Mesa.  One focus was vehicle travel experience culminating in a search, either with one subject or multiple.  The second day was full of wilderness trailing and airscent problems.  We also enjoyed a presentation by Melissa Connor, Ph.D., the Director of the Forensic Investigation Research Station at Colorado Mesa University.SARDOCWesternSlopeWeekend2016 - 08

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KOERT 2002-2016

KoertKoert was a member of Park County Search and Rescue for 14 years.  He was born on the Tarryall at the Eagle Rock Ranch during the Hayman Fire and began his career at 7.5 weeks old.  He helped many people.  Certified in Air Scent, Human Remains Detection and Avalanche, he also enjoyed Trailing, Water, Demos for kids and Article Search.  He had a very successful career with his handler, Marcia McMahon, and loved all of his teammates very much.2016Ridgway - 05

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A Generous Gift

SARDOC would like to thank Arlene Buehler so very much for her kind donation.  Arlene passed away in March and very generously thought of SARDOC.

These funds will help us so much in continuing to train and field the best search dogs available to help those in need of our services.

We cannot express our gratitude enough and will keep Arlene in our thoughts.

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Merlin 2002-2016

MerlinMerlinSARDOC is very sad to lose Merlin, an Aussie with a long and successful career.
Merlin and his handler, Mike Erickson, fielded with Larimer County Search and Rescue throughout their many years serving the public through searches, demonstrations, etc.  They went on many missions, helping to look for missing parties and help bring them back to their families.

Merlin was a wonderful ambassador for SARDOC, LCSAR, and SAR dogs in general.  He loved doing just about everything and was especially fond of all his friends who hid for him and played with him over the years.

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Demo at Evergreen Outdoor Lab!

SARDOC once again participated in the annual High Potential Week at Evergreen Outdoor Lab.  The handlers gave presentations to the kids and the dogs did some great demos throughout the morning.

Many thanks to the Outdoor Lab for inviting SARDOC once again and for their kind donation!2016Demos - 01

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Search Dogs’ Annual Demo at Windy Peaks Outdoor Lab

2016Demos - 222016Demos - 23SARDOC once again enjoyed spending a full morning with the students at Windy Peaks Outdoor Lab on June 8th!  This is an awesome annual event that the handlers and dogs never miss.  The handlers teach the kids about search dogs, scent, wind, and searching, and then the dogs spring into action!  Most of the kids have an opportunity to hide over the course of the morning, only to be found in short order, of course, by the dogs.  Finn, Stella, Koert, Yinnie and Maui always find their subjects!2016Demos - 08

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Thank you Ridgway State Park once again!

2016Ridgway - 05SARDOC members once again had an awesome water training weekend at Ridgway State Park May 14th-15th!  The teams all had a great time and learned a lot, getting warmed up for the upcoming season!  Thanks to all the folks at the Park for hosting us and working with us this year!2016Ridgway - 16

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SARDOC Presents at PharmaSUG Denver Convention

PharmaSUG_2016_Logo_250pxSARDOC gave a presentation at the PharmaSUG Convention in Denver on Mother’s Day.  Superdog Finya found her subject in a room packed with convention attendees and performed a beautiful refind, demonstrating to all how great SARDOC dogs are!

Many thanks again to PharmaSUG for choosing SARDOC as its charity this year!  2016SARDOC - 47

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Kids and SARDOC, A Winning Combination for Safety!

SARDOC Dogs and Handlers love to do presentations and demos!  Please contact us to schedule one for your organization!  Email Coordinator@sardoc.orgMillyDemo

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