RECCO 2009-2020

SARDOC and the SAR Community are devastated to lose Recco, a longtime SAR dog. Handled by Andrea and John Reller with Summit County Rescue Group, Recco was a key player in Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment, certified for many years. She worked in Air Scent, HRD and Water in her trainings with SARDOC as well. Recco simply loved her work.

End of Watch, Recco. We will miss you.

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In Memory of K9 Vozco


The SAR world is greatly saddened by the sudden loss of K9 Vozco. Vozco was the amazing partner of Greg Slavit. They were certified with the California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) and Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States (SARDUS). They contributed so many things to SARDOC. Vozco will be greatly missed.

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New Operational Support!

SARDOC welcomes Bob Lovelace into the ranks of Operational Support! Bob has completed his requirements to field as a certified navigator for SARDOC dog teams.

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Ridgway Water Training

Dan & Milo

SARDOC enjoyed a great water training at Ridgway Reservoir. Many thanks to State Park Personnel and divers who facilitated this training so the dogs could hone their skills at searching for drowned subjects.

Melissa & Hawk

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SARDOC, ARP, and PCSAR a Winning Team!

Arapahoe Rescue Patrol and Park County Search and Rescue joined SARDOC the weekend of August 8th at a beautiful ranch near Bailey for a three day dog and high angle training. Arapahoe Rescue members ran the mock mission and hid for the dogs, while Park County Search and Rescue performed a high angle rescue on an “injured” subject. Wonderful training. Many thanks to ARP and PCSAR for joining in!

(Photo courtesy of Arapahoe Rescue Patrol)

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Sage 2007-2020

SARDOC is saddened at the loss of Sage, a longtime Trailing dog handled by Karen Williams with Larimer County Search and Rescue. These two have been a team for 13 years. Sage will be greatly missed.

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SARDOC Readiness

Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado (SARDOC) remains ready for the call.  Certified/Deployable Handlers and Support members are maintaining their readiness.   As many organizations have also done, SARDOC has developed a first phase preventative response to COVID 19.  SARDOC Executive Board has suspended all official SARDOC trainings, progressions and tests, indoor and outdoor group meetings, seminars, clinics, and workshops until further notice.  We will be working as a team to gather more information and work diligently to provide additional information and support for training, testing and methods of maintaining readiness in these unprecedented times.  We encourage the public to use all care and common sense when exercising in the backcountry to keep everyone safe.  Keep outings short and safe and plan activities according to weather, ability and the needs of public safety.

From our President:

COVID-19 will impact search and rescue resources throughout the state, as it will the entire first responder system. Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado and its members will be here doing everything we can to support our community and assist those in need of our services. As a community, we will get through this, but while we are, let’s be safe out there!
With all Colorado resorts closing, this may seem like a great time to get into backcountry. While the backcountry is wonderful, it also comes with added risk and the need for additional education, tools, and experience.  If you are using the time away from work, school or other activity to get outside and de-stress, please be prepared for what you are going to do, be it hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, ATVing, peak bagging, climbing, etc.
Consider the following.
Weather changes fast during this time of the year. Check the forecast.
Always have the 10 essentials
If you go, make sure you tell others where you going and your time plan
Consider the phrase “If you don’t know, don’t go!”.
While we love to see people getting outdoors, these are irregular times when we all need to be a bit more conservative in decision making.  Emergency response will likely be delayed and definitive care facilities (hospitals, emergency departments, etc.) are already stressed.
Consider dialIng back your objectives a bit, so that you are less likely to have an impact on SAR and emergency services.
Stay well, friends.
Scott A. Robertshaw, President

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Denver Urban Training!

RaceHickey3Many thanks to the owners of the Marilyn Hickey Building for allowing SARDOC dogs 2 full days and 1 evening of non-stop training.  Arapahoe Rescue Patrol members came to run Incident Command and hide and did an amazing job!  Thanks to all!  These are the trainings that make SARDOC dogs great!SuuntoHickey

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2020 County Sheriffs’ Conference

Resizer_15791396692591On January 8th & 9th, SARDOC was honored once again to meet old friends and new at our booth at the annual County Sheriffs’ of Colorado Conference!  Always a pleasure to visit with everyone, discuss events and share information for a successful future!

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Savannah 2010-2019

Savannah2 20161226Savannah was a beautiful red Lab full of amazing energy and happiness.  She worked with SARDOC from 2010-2013 and then she and her handler, Dennis McLaughlin, moved to Arizona where she certified with Maricopa K9 SAR in HRD and Air Scent.  She had a wonderful, full life as a search and rescue dog.Savannah loving the silt July2018


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