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New Trailing Team!

IMG_1346SARDOC is proud to announce that Trouble and his handler, Allison Yelton, passed their Trailing Certification test this past weekend on beautiful Boreas Pass!

Trouble and Allison field with Larimer County Search and Rescue.


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Senior Recertification!

IMG_20190804_103736465Congrats to Maui, who passed her HRD Recertification Test this month with flying colors at the ripe old age of 12!  You go girl!

Maui fields with Marcia McMahon and Park County Search and Rescue.IMG_1977

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Jill Reynolds 1956-2019

SARDOC2019 - 1 of 1 (4)Jill Reynolds was a woman who lit up the room with her smile and good humor. She believed in connecting with her community, and that the best way to have a strong community was to do it together. Jill loved dogs and was an advocate for dog quality of life. Jill was partner on a radio talk show “Critter Patter” on KRFC with Sue Carroll of Bones du Jour, where all things human/animal bond were discussed. She was a certified Canine Massage Provider by the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and owned and operated Canine Massage of the Rockies for over 15 years where she brought together veterinarians, holistic practitioners and the dog’s human companions to meet the wellness goals of her dog clients. After her SAR dog Skid injured himself, Jill took this path even further by helping to bring together K9 fitness professionals and search and rescue dog handlers to help prevent major career-threatening injuries in our K9s. Jill was a Life Member of LCSAR and was a member for 11 years. During her time on LCSAR, she dedicated hundreds of hours at missions, trainings, and as an instructor and dog handler. She was active with Skid, in SAR for almost 10 years, 5 of those years as a SARDOC member. Skid and Jill were a fixture in Larimer County Search and Rescue’s Preventative Search and Rescue (PSAR) program. She and Skid greatly enjoyed spending time at public events and at schools teaching children about LCSAR and wilderness safety. Even as her health decline during her long-term illness, she found ways to support her SAR team and the community, even from her bedside, through performing administrative functions. Jill passed from this world on July 25th, 2019. She had impacted this community in so many ways, and she will be greatly missed. May we strive to uphold our community and our SAR mission as she did.SARDOC2019 - 3 of 3 (2)

Melissa Kindt, Larimer County SAR

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Monty 2007-2019

SARDOC2019 - 4 of 5SARDOC is very sad to announce the loss of longtime Airscent K9 Monty.

Monty was a search dog for 12 years with SARDOC.  He was certified in Air Scent.  Monty absolutely loved his work, finding people, carrying his glove, giant sticks, searching buildings, and his lifetime partner Ann Brown.  He mentored many new handlers and taught us all many things about searching, life and joy.

Monty and Ann fielded through North Fork Fire out of Buffalo Creek.SARDOC2019 - 2 of 5

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IMG_9945SARDOC is very very sad to prematurely lose a young pup.  Zoe, 1 year old black lab, was an amazing girl, training for a no doubt extraordinary search career as an airscent star.  Zoe loved everyone and brought smiles to the faces of all those she met and “found”.

An unfortunate accident stole her away from her destiny with Scott too early.  All our thoughts are with her family.

Scott Robertshaw, Handler


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Training in the Beautiful Beulah Valley

A8E1CE98-09A1-473A-97E0-E3FD7D9F793FSARDOC teams enjoyed two days of awesome training opportunities, including Large area, Trailing, Human Remains Detection, and a mock search during the first of our annual statewide weekends.  The weather was awesome, the company most excellent, the learning the best.

SARDOC has 4 statewide weekends each year for our teams to all get together and learn from each other.4177C341-1F69-4667-A994-E53C43EDBFBD (1)

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5/4/19 Sand Dunes!

SARDOC2019 - 6 of 10Many Thanks to the Great Sand Dunes for hosting an awesome multi-agency Search Dog Training this weekend!  Teams enjoyed working with Park Personnel searching for subject through Dunes, river, and forests!SARDOC2019 - 10 of 10SARDOC2019 - 4 of 10

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Larimer Teams Training

043019LarimerColoradoan2Larimer Teams Train at Lory State Park (Click for article)043019LarimerColoradoan3


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Shakti 2003-2019

SARDOC is very sorry to lose a longtime search dog.  Shakti began training as a small puppy in 2003 and spent her life working for SARDOC and Alpine Rescue Team.  Here is a note from her handler:

SARDOC2019 - 1 of 1 (3)“Two weeks ago I had to say “good-bye” to my canine search partner, Shakti.  Although my heart is breaking still, I’m truly grateful to have shared 16 years of big adventures with this stunning Belgian Malinois.

“Shakti” means “power”.  Goddess of the Himalayas, she is revered in the Hindu religion. Shakti was a half-sister to my first search dog, Isis.  A fielding member of Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado and Alpine Rescue Team, she worked air scent, human remains and avalanche.  Like any self-respecting Belgian Malinois, Shakti was committed to everything she did and gave each task 150% of her attention; her focus was amazing while working in the wilderness or on avalanche debris fields. No situation (or person) could stand in her way.  Together we certified in Animal Training and Behavior under Karen Pryor and Shakti developed an international reputation for herself in the clicker training community, at dog shows and dabbled in musical freestyle as well.

Most of Shakti’s finds were deceased, simply due to the nature of the searches.  One mission stood out because of its complex nature and brevity.  A probable suicide, the subject’s truck was located on the road to Jones Pass in the Urad Mines area.  Dale Atkins and the deputy had arrived, so she and I were able to start searching before the rest of the team joined the mission.

We walked up the road to begin clearing an area.  Shakti began to pull me into the trees. I communicated our plan and moved into the deep snow among the densely populated trees.  Within minutes, Shakti became very excited, barked and started digging (her indication of an avalanche find) and jumped on me (her indication of a find in the wilderness).  She was using her whole arsenal to tell me she’d found the subject who was dead and buried under almost two feet of snow.

As a first responder we’re supposed to consider our own safety first and our team member’s second.  After 16 years it was hard to let Shakti go without me, not knowing whether her next destination is safe and worthy of holding her magnificent soul.”

“Be a sweet girl, I’ll be home soon.”

Angela Eaton, Handler

Alpine Rescue Team


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2019 Sheriffs’ Conference

SARDOC2019 - 1 of 3 (1)This week, SARDOC was honored once again to participate in the County Sheriffs of Colorado Annual conference.  Handlers and dogs spent two days visiting with old friends and making new ones, getting the word out again that the dogs are trained and ready to help with any kind of search!SARDOC2019 - 3 of 3 (1)

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