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Thank you Merlin!

Merlin, at 12 years of age, is retiring from active search work.  Merlin has spent his entire life working for SARDOC, Larimer County SAR, and his handler, Mike Erickson.  He has had several successful searches and has always set a wonderful example for new dog teams.  He was certified in Air Scent, and had a special love for Avalanche search.

Many, many thanks to Merlin for his years of service.  He no doubt will have lots of fun in his retirement.

081614GrandMesaWeekend - 29

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Kathy and Jake Retire

IMG_0856 SARDOCBuildingSearchWeekend041815 - 06Kathy Kosorok and Jake, longtime members of SARDOC and LCSAR, have retired from Search and Rescue.  They contributed greatly to our trainings and participated in many missions.  Jake was certified in Air Scent and was working towards Water Certification as well.  We would like to thank them for their wonderful efforts and supportive attitudes over the years.  Jake was a great mentor to the younger dogs.

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Building Training in Larimer

Many thanks to Firehouse Storage and The Ranch Events Complex for hosting our SARDOC Teams in a full weekend of building search practice, which included live and HR searches.  Thanks to Karen Williams and Dan Fanning with Larimer County SAR for setting it all up!

SARDOCBuildingSearchWeekend041815 - 05SARDOCBuildingSearchWeekend041815 - 11

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Teak 2006-2015

081614GrandMesaWeekend - 34On Monday, 4/13, Teak lost his valient battle with Lymphoma.  Teak was the devoted partner of Kurt Schumacher and they fielded with Douglas County SAR.  Certified in Air Scent with SARDOC, Teak and Kurt fielded on missions across this great state of Colorado, dedicated to finding missing parties and helping with search efforts for many years.  Teak was also a great dog presence at trainings, loved and followed by many younger dogs.

We will miss our friend very much.

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March Challenge Day Training

“Buffalo Creek High Wind Event”SARDOC0315ASChallengeDay - 3

On March 20th, SARDOC teams enjoyed an Airscent Challenge Day Training involving the following scenario:  Early Friday Morning, March 20th 2015 a freak high wind event following a springtime storm brought 115 mph winds to the Buffalo Creek area. Winds were high enough to cause large area “blow down”, flattening many acres of trees.

The Long Scraggy Trailhead area was hit by this event while several people were recreating or camping in the area.

There were known missing persons in the area, but an exact count was unclear.

Search teams were called to the area to try to locate the missing.

Dog Teams enjoyed this intensive day training. Thanks to Roger Matthews and his helpers for setting it up!

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Thanks again to the GE Foundation!

The GE Foundation matched Stephen Bravo’s earlier donation of $1,500 to make their total contribution $3,000!  We cannot thank them enough.  This money will go to good use for training our teams to continue the SARDOC tradition of certifying excellent SAR Dog teams.

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SARDOC Fox News Presentation

CLICK:  Fox News Show about Search Dogs

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This past weekend, SARDOC enjoyed an awesome joint avalanche training with Copper Avalanche dogs and COTF1 teams!  We staged in Breckenridge and at the Task Force Site in Leadville for two days of great dog and handler learning fun.  Thanks to those from Copper and COTF1 who trained with us!030715SARDOCAvyWeekendErickson - 3030715SARDOCAvyWeekend - 010030715SARDOCAvyWeekend - 096030715SARDOCAvyWeekend - 070030715SARDOCAvyWeekend - 111


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Thank you Ridgway State Park!

020815RidgwayDemoPosterMany thanks to Ridgway State Park for inviting SARDOC to give a presentation about our dogs, our work, and our organization.  We were privileged to share the day with Eric and his avalanche dog, Mona, from the Telluride Ski Area.  A large and enthusiastic crowd attended, enjoying the presentations, demos, and, of course, the demo dogs.

Ridgway has shown a lot of support for SARDOC over the years.  We are very fortunate to be able to train with the boat Rangers every May, as well as host trainings around the Park.

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A Sad Loss for SARDOC

FreyjaCertYoung Freyja recently lost her battle with a hideously fast moving cancer.  She was a wonderful, promising, little yellow lab, who had just certified a couple of months before in Wilderness Air Scent.

She is horribly missed by her handler, Paula Bindrich, and the rest of her friends in SARDOC.PaulaFreyja0814

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