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New In-County Certified Team!

Lola-3-240x300Congratulations to Jose Negron and Lola for passing their Airscent test for fielding in county!  Lots of hard work has paid off and SARDOC is thrilled to have them in the field!

Jose and Lola field with Larimer County SAR.

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Nick Hodgen Comes to Play

SARDOC2017 - 89SARDOC welcomes Nick Hodgen this weekend up in our Northern Area.  Nick specializes in motivating K9s and building their reward systems.  SARDOC2017 - 87

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New Airscent Team!

SARDOC2017 - 84Congratulations to Melissa Kindt and Hawk for a job well done on their Regional Certification test!  They are now a fully certified SARDOC Airscent team!

Melissa and Hawk deploy through Larimer County Search and Rescue.

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Good-bye to Stellar Millie

PegMillieSARDOC is very sad after suddenly and unexpectedly losing wonderful Millie.

Millie was certified in Trailing with specialty work in HRD and Water Search.  She served with Delta County SAR.  Her dedication to her job and tenacity for getting it done were amazing and set a wonderful example for all SAR dogs and requesting agencies.SARDOCSouthernWeekend1116 - 50   Thank you to Millie and her handler Peg Woodis for all their work and companionship, and for helping so many people.


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Thank You Superfit Canine!!

VTECCGroupPicWow!  SARDOC members and other SAR Dog Friends just enjoyed a four day seminar hosted by Superfit Canine and the Veterinary Tactical Group!  Superfit’s awesome instructing team first set up two days of Human Remains Detection field training for the dog teams.  This was followed up by two more days of the Tactical Canine Casualty Care Course, instructed by Veterinary Tactical Group and Superfit instructors.  An amazing four day Tula2learning experience.  Thank you so much Superfit and Veterinary Tactical for all your time, patience, and knowledge!  Sprite3

Pictures by Tracy Darling of Superfit.  More Pictures can be viewed at superfitcaninephotography.com.


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FinnStella1214 - 6SARDOC is very sad to lose one of our longtime certified dogs.  Stella, handled by Roger Matthews, lost her battle with cancer this morning.

Stella fielded through SARDOC and Park County Search and Rescue.  She was 11 years old.

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New Airscent Team!

SARDOC2017 - 63Congratulations to Melissa Kindt and Hawk for passing their In-County Certification test for Air Scent!

Melissa and Hawk are now fieldable in Larimer County with Larimer County SAR!

Go Team!

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SARDOC Seminar Success!

091017SeminarGroupCroppedSARDOC hosted their first beginning and intermediate Air Scent and Trailing seminar this past weekend of September 8th-10th in beautiful South Park Colorado.  Participants attended from across the country all the way from Alaska, Oregon, Missouri, Washington, and more!    After two and a half days full of training and learning, combined with a beautiful community house and great food supplied by SARDOC, all teams left happy, sated, and full of thoughts and ideas for the future.

Thanks to everyone who planned, helped and participated!

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Superfit and SARDOC hosting HRD and VTECC Seminar October 5-8th

SARDOC is hosting a Superfit Canine Seminar October 5th-8th in Fairplay!  This will be an amazing learning experience with the Superfit Crew as instructors!  Registration is now open.  There will be two days of non-stop HRD scenarios followed by two days of their incredible K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Seminar, which teaches excellent Veterinary care of our K9’s in the field.

For complete information and to Register, Please Click on the appropriate link:

HRD Workshop:   https://superfitcanine.com/october-2017-workshop-registration-colorado

K9 Casualty Care:   https://superfitcanine.com/september-2017-k9-tecc-registration-colorado

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Susan and Dennis Veterinary Fund

We are very grateful to a wonderful family, who wishes to remain anonymous, for their simply amazing donation to our SARDOC team to establish the Susan and Dennis Veterinary Fund for our canine partners who might need help with veterinary costs.  So generous, so humbling!

We hope to grow this fund to help our dedicated canine partners for many years to come.

Many thanks to the Community Foundation in Montgomery County for all their help!


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