Welcome to Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado!

The oldest Search Dog certification agency in Colorado, SARDOC began in 1983 to meet a growing need for highly qualified dog teams to aid in searches for missing people.

SARDOC has some of the highest Search Dog Certification Standards in the nation. We certify dogs in Air Scent, Trailing, Water Search, Avalanche, and Human Remains Detection. All of our handlers are volunteers and we never charge for our services.  SARDOC is a 501(c)3 Corporation.

We are an equal opportunity employer-we accept Labs, Border Collies, Shepherds, and mutts! As long as a dog and handler have the right qualities to become a certified SAR team, they are welcome in SARDOC.

SARDOC members and their canine partners are also happy to do free demonstrations for schools and any other organization that might request one.  Please contact us.