Field Sessions

Our dog team members rely heavily on access to both public and private areas for our ongoing training. Please remember that the use of these areas is a privilege and we are guests! Below is a set of guidelines to be observed at all times by dog team members You must have a dog in active training or be operational in order to meet the requirement of being considered a dog team member.

  • Obey all posted regulations for area you are using including speed limits, leash laws (except when actually working), entry and exit restrictions, etc.
  • Clean up after your dog (i.e. common areas, parks, trails, etc.)
  • All dogs will be crated or remain in vehicles unless under supervision. No animals to be tied to vehicles. If away from the vehicle for a long period, designate someone remaining behind to observe and handle your dog if need be.
  • Identifying dog vest and handler I.D. to be worn at all times when working your dog both on public and private lands.
  • If approached by a representative of the area and advised to follow a guideline other than the agreed guidelines, do so without confrontation. Notify dog team leaders and SARDOC Coordinator, Area Director, or person running practice so that appropriate follow up can be done to clarify situation. If possible, provide name of individual and their position and a written description of what occurred.
  • Dog/handler teams should exhibit professional demeanor at all times. Inappropriate actions and words can create severe difficulties for the entire team.
  • If riding in a county vehicle, please leave the vehicle cleaner than when you got in.

Classroom Sessions

  • Exercise dog before entering, including clean up (especially the Cache yard and surrounding area).
  • Dog should remain quiet and non-distracting during session. If becomes restless, remove your dog without being asked.
  • Jingling tags, etc. should be removed or taped prior to session.
  • Dogs should remain on leash and/or supervised.
  • Evaluate the necessity of bringing your dog. Not all field and classroom sessions are appropriate. If not sure, please consult with dog team leaders or person running the session.
  • Last but not least, use common sense and courtesy in all situations!