New Operational Support Members:

SARDOC is happy to announce the following personnel are now certified in Operational Support to assist handlers on missions with navigation and general support:

Corrie Jones, Grand County SAR

Ted Katauskas, Vail Mountain Rescue

Ted Katauskas and Stryker

And from Arapahoe Rescue Patrol:

Cade Varela

Isara Luckenbill

Payton Schueppert

Jack Hickisch

Camden Fitzpatrick

Tayah Danser

Dylan Colbensen

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SARDOC Hosts Mission Ready Training

SARDOC hosted a full weekend of “Mission Ready” scenario problems May 14-16th for teams to prepare for real world missions. Arapahoe Rescue Patrol organized the teams for fielding on their “mock missions”. Many thanks to the Homestead near Bailey for their awesome support of SARDOC!

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Congratulations to the team of Jay Rigdon and Sprite who flew through their recertification test in Air Scent on May 9th!

Jay and Sprite Field with West Elk Mountain Rescue.

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SARDOC Welcomes Newest Airscent Team

Congratulations to Bob Lovelace and Bailey who passed their Airscent Test with flying colors on May 9th!

Bob and Bailey field with Park County SAR.

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Quest Retires

Many thanks to Nancy May and her wonderful Trailing Cattle Dog, Quest, for their successful years of service to SARDOC and Grand County SAR in Utah. Quest worked for 6 years and helped save several lives in the rugged desert terrain. Please see Quest’s page on “Past Heroes” for more info on her career.

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SARDOC Salutes Team Dante

Many thanks to Linda Gruver and Dante for their years of service. Dante has retired after many missions, trainings, and educational demonstrations. He is an 11-year-old Flat-Coated Retriever, named after the poet Dante Alighieri because he is “poetry in motion”. Dante is now enjoying his retirement at home with Linda while she trains his successor, Eden.

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Baloo 2012-2020

SARDOC is saddened by the passing of Baloo, 8 1/2 year old black Lab handled by Janie Merickel.

Thank you, Baloo and Janie, for your years of service and dedication to the world of the lost and missing.

Determined Airscent, Water, HRD, and Avalanche dog, Baloo lost his fight with cancer this week. Baloo was also certified with Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment. In addition, Janie and Baloo fielded with Summit County Rescue Group.

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New Operational Support!

SARDOC Welcomes Tom Germain to the ranks of Certified Personnel. Tom has passed all requirements for Certified Support to navigate for dog teams in the field. Congrats, Tom!

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Training at the Great Sand Dunes National Park!

Dale Culver, head ranger of the Great Sand Dunes National Park, invited SAR Dog teams back for a second year of great training at the Dunes. The Multi-Agency training offered a mock search, HRD, and Wilderness problems throughout the 3 day weekend. Many thanks to Dale and his awesome crew!

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SARDOC Teams with NecroSearch

SARDOC invited instructor, Wayne Bryant, from NecroSearch to train and give presentations on Human Remains Detection on Grand Mesa. Teams trained on imprinting, Rubble fields, and HRD scenarios. Many thanks to Mr. Bryant and NecroSearch!

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