GillyflowerIn Training for Trailing

English Shepherd “Gilliflower” has joined me and Shakti.  She’s as sweet and as pretty as her name implies.  She plays with Shakti inside and out and has learned “Sit”, “Down”, makes eye contact when she hears her name, runs to touch my hand with her nose from across the room, and targets object with her paw.  She also knows “Mine” and “Take it”.  She’s a good little tugger and prefers Shakti’s toys.  She and Shakti play well together now that the puppy is old enough to be interesting.

“Gilli” is a full sister to Roger Matthew’s debonair “Finn” from a repeat breeding and I expect she’ll be as beautiful, well-balanced and fun as her brother(s).   Right now her favorite toys are  tiny, squeeky tennis balls and an odd soft rectangle patchwork duck thing with a billion squeekies inside.  At 13 weeks she also knows how to shred shoelaces and effectively snag anything that walks by with her sharp little teeth!
Angela Eaton, Handler

Alpine Rescue Team