Certified in Air Scent and Avalanche

Shakti was an 8-year-old Belgian Malinois certified in Wilderness Air Scent and Avalanche.

Shakti’s half sister, “Isis”, was also a search dog. She lived in Evergreen, Colorado but enjoyed traveling to seminars and conferences.

Shakti’s favorite thing about being a search dog was the excitement of  looking for people she didn’t know in new places.  She loved working hard and solving mysteries.  She also loved the snow and having people throw her toy and tug with her.  She enjoyed riding in snowmobiles, on chair lifts and in helicopters. She worked well in the city too, as if it was just a concrete wilderness without bears or mountain lions.  Shakti was smart, opinionated, outspoken, and sweet. She was protective about strangers, but always able to “make friends” on cue by touching their hands with her wet nose.

Angela Eaton, Handler

Alpine Rescue Team