Certified in Air Scent


I felt the need for a SAR dog to be available to our SAR team within our large county of Park, in 1998.  I purchased “IMKA VON LEERBURG” from Leerburg Kennels in July of 1999.  She was 7 weeks old.  We spent a lot of time driving to Colorado Springs to train with SARDOC as there were no organized dog groups in the area.  We received Air Scent Certification in 2003.  Working a search dog is one of the strongest bonding experiences you can have with an animal and was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Sherpa loved to work, and had a very high drive, sometimes to her detriment, as she tended to have problems overheating.  We loved to work at night for that reason, and I always felt we belonged out there.

Sherpa passed away Feb. of 2011.  I will always miss Sherpa and never forget the wonderful experiences we shared.

Don Morrison, Handler

Park County Search and Rescue