Certified in Water

DOB 5/27/14

SARDOCWebsite2015 - 2Sugar n Spice Rockin Red Razzle, aka Razzle, is an Australian Cattle Dog.  He will be a year old on May 25th and his trailing training is progressing well, if a bit slowly due to a couple of injuries he has had.  He is a happy-go-lucky dog unless there is a job to do at which time he turns in to a working maniac.  Razzle loves to trail and will do so whenever he can – even when we are just out hiking.  I have yet to find anything that he is afraid of or unwilling to try. (He thinks the running helicopter is just great fun to approach – those rotors going around and around look just like a BIG toy to him.  Silly boy!) 


Nancy May, Handler

Grand County SAR, Moab, UT