Certified in Air Scent


Finya was my third SAR dog, and I tell you, someone out there certainly has a great sense of humor – after having had Emy the “perfect” dog, along came this cute-little-have-my-own-agenda-jump-off-the-wall-with-energy-bundle-of-fur. It took me almost a year to bring home a new pup after Emy’s passing and those were big paws to fill. But Finya, with a style all her own, taught me that with each dog, you start a new journey. You certainly build on your experiences but don’t let them stifle you. Finya’s smarts, zest for life, and great sense of humor, made it fun (and just a little exasperating at times) to train her and work with her.  What a wonderful partner.

Ina Bernard, handler

Pueblo Co., ESB