Certified in Air Scent, Avalanche, and HRD.


Koert was a 13.5-year-old Border Collie homegrown on a Park County cattle ranch. He certified in Air Scent, Avalanche, and Human Remains Detection. He loved to swim, hike, and herd llamas, but his specialty was foot soccer with giant tennis balls. He had many mission miles on those great paws of his and it was an incredible honor to work with him.  I am glad he let me come along.  We worked together like an old married couple by the end of his career, but he always led the way.

He helped many, many people over the course of his wonderful and successful 11 year career as a certified dog for SARDOC and Park County Search and Rescue, in urban, wilderness and water situations.  A true “Rocket Scientist”, not much escaped his amazing nose.  Though he was still crazy about finding people, due simply to hearing issues, he retired in January, 2016.  He would get so excited about finding people, he would just take off like a rocket, even when he was 14, but couldn’t hear me when I called him.  His amazing focus that contributed so much to his success, made it unsafe for him to continue to work at age 14.  He was a most amazing partner, who can never be replaced.

Marcia McMahon, Handler

Park County Search and Rescue