Black Labrador Retriever
October 27, 1989 – April 8, 2002

Miriah was a member of Larimer County Search and Rescue from 1990 to 2002 and held Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado certifications in Air Scent, Water, and Evidence.

Came into my life at 7 weeks old, started training at 8 weeks…….. Well over 100 fieldings and her favorite parts were Helicopter and Zodiac rides…….. Next was the Division of Wildlife adventures.. and all of the hugs and pets that came her way…….

The life span of a SAR Dog is like the twinkle of a star in the heavens. The influence of a canine companion and working partner on our soul is forever!

Run free like the wind, “Miriah Weetomp” (Lakota Sioux) Run Free!! Jayne Zmijewski