Certified in Air Scent







“Squeak, Teakers, Tweak, Squeaker, Stinker

Teak was selected as a high drive puppy for SAR work and began training at about 10 weeks old and has never stopped.  He trained throughout Colorado with emphasis on wilderness search on the high plains and in sub-alpine and alpine forests. Since starting as a puppy, Teak had broad exposure to varied environments including HRD, water, trailing, building and urban search, and technical/rope work. Teak had the opportunity to train with nationally renowned trainers and handlers, as well as with some of the nation’s best mountain search dog teams in the Colorado contingencies of SARDOC and NASAR. Through positive reinforcement and extensive training, Teak was a happy, dedicated, and effective search and rescue dog.

His favorite game was long distance retrieving with Air Dog toys.”

Kurt Schumacher, Handler

Douglas County Search and Rescue