Certified in Air Scent and Water

YetiYeti spent most of his time impressing upon everyone that laughter was the elixir of life and that it was the only way to learn.  He proved that big, drooly and hairy could get the job done in spite of stereotypes.  He stole donuts.  He liked people to be alive and happy, and he always led us all out of the woods safely and definitively from even the smallest training problem.  He loved pizza, hats, kids, and his truck.  Getting to pull a boat out of the water would make him go nuts with sheer joy.

Yeti, class clown, exemplary teacher and mentor to many.  He helped bring many lost souls back from the abyss to their families.  My guardian, my soulmate, my buddy, my search dog.

Marcia McMahon, Handler

Park County Search and Rescue